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April 15 - July 15th 2023

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SHSP Registration Form


Feb 1 at 7pm: KICKOFF MEETING: This will take about 45-60min. We will break down the challenge and the nutrition plan. Then we will do Q&A and a meet and greet after. We’d love for you to bring a friend or spouse to this. That way they can keep you accountable during the challenge!

Feb 2 & 3: select a time to do official weigh ins and measurements

Feb 4th: Coach Q will be doing a live cooking class to show you how to prep your meals for the week

Feb 6th:  first official day of nutrition and working out

April 30th:  announce our 3 month winner – Ladies Only (Most challenges done. Most inches and weight lost)

May 30th:  announce our 4 month winner – Post Ruckus Room Month (Most challenges done. Most inches and weight lost)


Workout Schedule

Feb 1 – April 30

Choose whatever class you want daily (no need to sign up in advance) 
4 Classes/ week are required for the program:

Monday: 5am, 6am, 7pm

Tuesday: 5am, 6a, 7pm

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 5am, 6am, 7pm

Friday: 5a, 6am, 7pm

Saturday & Sunday: We will be giving you small challenges to complete or we will meet as a group to get down on a team challenge. These will be fun!

May 1
you will start actual
 Ruckus Room classes -- any class offered at our downtown location

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